How To Lose Love Handles Fast in 1 Week: 10 Best Exercises

Do you have rubbery fat around your waist? exercises for lose love handles women Waist fat deposits are also known as love handles. Bad eating habits at the wrong time, alcohol consumption and junk food are the factors that cause fat to accumulate. Hormonal changes love handles in women bodies as they enter puberty, pregnancy and childbirth, leading to love. This article discusses 15 simple and effective workouts to get rid of love handles.

What Are Love Handles?

Don’t let the name of love fool you; love is not in it. Fat on the waist and hips is another name for love. This fat usually hangs on the side of the pants and is also called “spare tire” or “muffin top” because of its shape. This area is a common problem for those who want to lose weight. It is visible if you wear a fitted skirt or a traditional dress like a saree or half saree. But the clothes are not punished. Let’s learn more about love management programs and how to improve them.

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What causes love handles?

Fat retention is the reason why love increases so much. When the food you eat has a lot of calories, or if you don’t burn calories. If you don’t find a solution soon, the fat on your waist and hips will appear as light as a tire. There are many other factors that lead to love Handles:

  • Lack of sleep
  • If you don’t exercise
  • Hormonal changes
  • Foods are high in fat, calories and sugar
  • Fat deposits are common with increasing age

How to get rid of love handles women?

Unfortunately, exercise alone does not make you lose love. Studies have shown that abdominal training does not reduce belly fat or shrink your colon more than eating alone.

Diet and exercise are the best ways to reduce negative emotions. It is possible to stretch the abdominal muscles, and with food, the midsection can appear more toned.

To lose your love, you need to lose all your body fat. The best exercises for burning fat include aerobic exercise and strength training (workout training). High intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as high intensity interval training (HIIE), is a form of cardio that alternates between short periods of high intensity and low intensity. HIIT is usually slow and alternates between moderate and high intensity. The Journal of Obesity reviewed 13 different studies on overweight adults and found that Lose weight and waist circumference.

Best Exercises To Lose Handles Female

Specific activities that can help sound and strengthen your department’s core:

1. Bicycle Crunch:

Cycling is an exercise that reduces waist size and love handles within 3-4 weeks of continuous exercise. Perhaps one of the most common oblique exercises, the bicycle push-up is a moderate strengthening best love handle exercises at home.

When riding, keep your movements slow and controlled. The movement should be from the torso, not from the waist. To protect your spine, press your lower back to the floor and make your muscles work.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Lie on your back and slowly pull your legs with your knees bent and your hands above your head.
  2. Raise your right leg and try to touch your knee with your left hand while raising your body.
  3. Return to the resting position and repeat with the other leg.
  4. Do this exercise 25-30 times on each side.
  5. Be careful not to put your fingers behind the head as this can cause a crack in the neck.

2. Plank Crunch

The intensity level of the exercise is higher than others. But out of many actions, withdrawing the hand of love is a big action.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Lie on your side on the floor.
  2. Lift your body up, balancing on your left palm and between your legs.
  3. Slowly lift your hips up so that your head, hips and legs are in a straight line.
  4. Place your right hand above your head, bending your knees.
  5. Lift your right leg and bend your right knee to touch them both.
  6. Hold for 2-3 seconds and return to plank position.
  7. Do 10 sets of 20 repetitions on each side.
  8. The results are visible after 4-5 weeks.

3. Side Plank Crunch

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The exercises can be difficult for beginners, but the results are very good.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Lie on your side on your right elbow and your left knee behind your head
  2. leaning on your legs and the rest of your body hanging in the air.
  3. The right foot should be on top of the left foot.
  4. Make sure your core is strong during the exercise and your back is completely straight.
  5. Now bend your right knee towards your chest and lower your left arm to your knee.
  6. Try to touch the elbow with the elbow. Bring your left arm and right knee back into a side plank position.
  7. Similarly, lie on your left side and do a crunch with your right arm and left knee.
  8. Repeat this process for at least 4 sets of 20 on each side.

4. Triangle Pose

A triangle exercise that twists and turns the abdominal muscles and helps reduce love handles. It also works great for stretching and strengthening the entire body.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Extend your arms by your sides parallel to your shoulders.
  3. Breathe in and slowly lower your body forward and touch your left toe with your right hand. Keep your neck on the left side.
  4. Slowly return to normal position and repeat on the other side.
  5. You have to do this stretch at least ten times on each side and three sets are required.

5. Russian Twists

Also known as Seated Trunk Rotations is the perfect exercise to burn fat and love handles. It works the muscles throughout the body, making it ideal for strengthening the core.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs spread apart.
  2. Put your hands together and slowly lean back until your legs and spine form a V shape.
  3. This method stimulates the abdominal muscles.
  4. Make sure your feet don’t touch the ground.
  5. Turn your hips and arms to the side. It helps balance the glutes without moving the legs.
  6. Repeat 10-12 times in three sets.

6. Mountain Climbers

It starts in plank position. A person also raises his right knee towards the chest while extending the left leg. They hold this position for a short time before switching legs in a quick movement as their left knee is raised up to their chest.

It is important for people to distribute weight equally on both legs and not shift all their weight on one leg. People can repeat this exercise for up to 30 sets, bringing both knees to the chest as one set.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Start in plank position
  2. Bring your right knee through your body, across your stomach to your left knee, keeping your back and arms straight at the head.
  3. Return to plank position and repeat on the other side

7. Woodchoppers


Wood Chopper is a simple exercise that works your abs and obliques over time. This is an advanced abdominal exercise that focuses on the obliques. It also strengthens your head, promotes good posture, and helps reduce pain.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Stand with your feet slightly apart, shoulder width apart.
  2. Grab a blanket.
  3. Keeping your back straight, pull the blanket in a twisting motion.
  4. Move the hand diagonally up and across the body over the left shoulder.
  5. Try to keep your arms straight during this process.
  6. Use your core muscles to control this movement.
  7. Return to the start and reverse the rotation as if you were chopping wood.
  8. Do three sets of 10-15 times on each side best exercise to get rid of love handles.

8. One Hand Toe Touch

This is a simple and effective exercise that will help you get rid of love handles quickly. One toe is an exercise that helps burn excess fat from the lower abdomen and waist. This is the ultimate love exercise.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Sit with both legs straight in front of you.
  2. Spread your feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Slowly pull your right leg so that your foot touches your left thigh.
  4. Now slowly bend down to touch the left toe with the left hand.
  5. Repeat until it touches the left toe.
  6. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat.
  7. To achieve success, it is necessary to stretch ten times in two directions, at least two times.

9. Crab Kick

The crab kick is an exercise that works the lower body using the hamstrings and quads. The more you lift your hips, the more your core will work.

How To Do The Exercise:

  • Sit on the mat and bend your knees, keeping your feet together.
  • Hold your hands behind your back with your fingers pointing back.
  • Slowly raise your hips and extend your right leg.
  • Switch legs one at a time and continue walking. Make sure your hips do not touch the floor during the exercise.
  • Alternate between legs until set.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times.

10. Knee Drop:

Technically, you need an exercise ball to release your knees. But you can also make a simple ball at home with a rag. The exercise also provides a great back stretch for the lower back and strengthens the muscles in that area. Holding on to the ball is important to ensure that both legs stay together during the love handle workout for women.

How To Do The Exercise:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees and feet folded on the mat, facing a wall.
  2. Hold an exercise ball or towel ball between your knees.
  3. Now extend your arms parallel to your shoulders.
  4. Keeping the ball, try to bend your knees to the side to touch the ground.
  5. Repeat the same thing on the other side.
  6. Do these at least 25 times on each side and you will lose your love handles within a week.

Diet to lose love handles in 2 weeks

As there is no specific exercise to get rid of love handles, there is no way to reduce love handles quickly with food. A fast diet can help you shed pounds quickly and even lose weight, but most of it will be water weight and that’s temporary. Diet and exercise are the main determinants of how much body fat we have.

Diet tips to help you get rid of love handles include:

Reduce sugar consumption

  • The body needs less sugar and stores any excess as fat
  • Reduce sugar in free carbohydrates such as cookies, bread and white bread

Eating Plant-based Foods

  • Beans, lentils, peas, and chickpeas (called legumes) contain fiber and plant protein that help control blood sugar and reduce total fat.
  • People who eat whole grains lose more body fat than people who eat refined grains

Intermittent Fasting

  • It is based on the idea that a person is required to eat a small amount of food, followed by hours (and sometimes days) of fasting.
  • There are no food or calorie restrictions, but there are WHEN to eat restrictions
  • Popular methods include 16/8 (8 hours of eating followed by 16 hours of fasting), the Eat-Stop-Eat schedule (two 24-hour periods per week on non-daily days) ; on the 5/2 system (only 500 calories on 2 non-system days and eating 5 days a week)
  • Intermittent fasting has been shown to help reduce body fat

Final Thoughts Exercises to lose love handles in 1 week

There are many reasons why fat can accumulate around the waist, leading to love handles. It’s not good for your appearance or your health. Choose the right exercise program for you and start exercising to loose love handles and slim your waist.

People can try to manage their love relationships through a combination of healthy eating and various exercises. Love handles are not dangerous, but excess weight around the waist can cause health problems.

Good luck for workouts to lose love handles fast. Stay tuned for more health & fitness tips!

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