How to Treat Dehydrated Skin? 5 signs of dehydrated skin

5 Signs You Are Dehydrated – Let’s take a look at five common signs that someone may be dehydrated: dry, flaky skin, fatigue, poor complexion, and swollen gums. Learn How to Treat Dehydrated Skin!

“The face will be thirsty!” Those words changed my relationship and attitude towards my body forever. That simple sentence was the moment I realized that dry skin is possible. I know our bodies can be itchy, but it didn’t occur to me that not enough water affects our skin in a negative way too! I have a face that as soon as the esthetician applies the moisturizer it seems to disappear! He said it is a good indicator of dry skin. Now I use this as a little trick when someone asks me how to tell if the skin is dry or dehydrated.

I can’t tell you how many times I googled how to fix leather. I visit grandma in the desert every year, which I love, and let me tell you, my skin is the worst! It itches, flakes and lacks the glow and movement that my normal skin has. However, in the desert, everyone will get used to you, because when I ask someone How to Treat Dehydrated Skin, he says he will get used to it. So for anyone who has a grandmother in the desert or is struggling to repair dry skin, this is for you!

Dry vs. dehydrated skin: What’s the difference

The debate between dry and dehydrated skin can be tricky because dry skin does not mean you have dry skin. One is skin type and the other is skin disease. I’ve explained the difference between the two and how to try to differentiate between the two in this How to Treat Dehydrated Skin blog, but if you still have skin problems, a facial might be a good idea! Skin is really the esthetician’s way of communication. It’s what they know, it’s what they do, it’s really their language. Plus, it’s a great way to treat yourself.

Dry skin

Just like some people have white, straight hair, some people have dry skin. Skin is a type of skin, not a condition or a period of time that the skin goes through. Therefore, it is important to know whether your skin is dry or not. So you know how to take care and treat it! I remember when I found out that I had oil for the first time. Until then, I was using the wrong skin care products! Some major skin care lines label their products specifically for oily, dry or combination skin!

Dehydrated skin

Along with the example of ingrown hairs, like some random people get pimples (yes, reading this made my skin itch!) or dandruff, people sometimes get dandruff! This is not permanent and there are ways to fix it. The trick is twofold: you need to know that your skin is dry, and you need to know how to hydrate your skin.

Signs You Have Dehydrated Skin

1. Your skin is rough

“Oh, soft as a baby.” The words every woman wants to hear when someone touches her face. Well, hopefully not many will touch your face, but if they do, this is what you want to hear! If your skin starts to feel like your wrist after deep cleansing, that’s a sure sign that your skin is thirsty! The skin should not be silky and it should not be rough. If your skin is breaking out, that’s not a good sign, so you might want to consider some moisturizer.

2. Dark circles/ shadows

If you see dark circles under your eyes, this is also a good sign of dehydration. Since our eyes are close to the bones below, they “fall” due to lack of water and form dark circles. If you sleep well and stay up for a few hours, dark people may be crying out for water.

3. The Moisturizer Test

This is my goal. Is my skin dry? exam. Then How to Treat Dehydrated Skin? Apply a daily moisturizer (non-SPF) in the morning, and if after about 60 seconds your skin looks like it has washed off all the moisture, your skin may be dry. But that doesn’t mean you have to add more water. This will eventually clog your pores. Instead, find the root cause of the problem. Are you drinking enough water? Do you have low collagen? The answers to these questions will help you determine if your skin is dry and why.

4. How big is your smile?

Well, not really. But anyone who’s been caught in a storm knows what I’m talking about. If you have a hard time smiling because your face is narrow, you probably have to stop at a gas station. Remember that limits are different from strict. The skin is very hard and it looks like the whole face is cracked. A firm skin only means youth, not a wrinkled or broken one.

5. Your Glow Is Gone

Think neon OPEN sign. When paired with an open store, it really shines. When there is no electricity and the shops are closed, it is boring. The same goes for leather. You are still beautiful, you are not bright. When you start to notice that your skin is not as bad as before, this is a good sign of dehydration. The red skin can have a green or even purple color, and the veins can be seen more than before.

How To Treat Dehydrated Skin?

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and excess sodium

Just as we want to use water to keep our body and skin clean, we need to make sure that we are not drinking too much alcohol or boring food. Foods containing caffeine, alcohol, and sodium suppress the body’s natural antidiuretic hormone, causing water to escape faster than normal, putting our bodies at risk of dehydration again.

Don’t Skip The Oil!

Although the liquid is sold as liquid, they do not penetrate deeper than the outer layer of the skin. If you want a deep hydration system, you need to turn to oil. Oil penetrates deeper into the pores than moisturizers and softens the skin through the root layer.

Drink water

If you haven’t drank water all day (or a few days!), that’s a good sign that your skin is dry or in need of hydration. I asked a dermatologist about the importance of drinking water to prevent acne, and he almost gave me an insight. It taught me that our skin (which is the largest part of our body by the way) is the last organ to receive the hydration effects of the water we drink!

Therefore, even if we think that we are drinking too much alcohol, it is not enough to do our skin good. Make sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces. water every day.

Use collagen peptide supplements

Collagen is an amazing skin care supplement and has automatically changed the way my skin looks and feels. Collagen is the largest protein in the human body and is actually what makes our skin soft and supple. It’s like fluid that covers our joints and bones. If we have less collagen, our skin dries out, our joints get stiffer, and we tend to get wrinkles. Liquid collagen has been shown to help keep skin supple.

With so many collagen supplements on the market today, finding the right one can seem crazy! If you’re looking for collagen to help hydrate your skin, it’s important to get a collagen supplement that contains type I collagen (but having at least type 5 collagen is important for overall health!). The only collagen I trust on my skin is Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides. Not only does it contain essential water collagen, but it is very useful and effective!

Skip the scrub

You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought that scrubbing off dead skin would help your poor, withered face to glow again. The thing is, you want to use a mild soap, not a harsh scrub. A hard lump that irritates the skin feels irritated. You can choose soap at home. Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut or jojoba oil with 1 tablespoon of sugar and a few drops of essential oil such as sandalwood, rose, or lavender.

Bottom Line

Knowing your body and skin is often the first step to learning how to take care of yourself. The next time your skin is struggling, whether dry or dehydrated, I hope this How to Treat Dehydrated Skin blog will help you better understand ways to restore dry skin and combat unwanted effects. Plus, when you’re racking your brains for how to keep your skin clean, turn to the methods we can totally avoid! If you get frequent breakouts, don’t forget the hydration tips! Your skin is the last to benefit from drinking water, which means it hydrates itself, so drink up and watch your skin change!

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