15 Best Pre Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides

So you’ve got your dream guy who’s crazy (or just plain crazy) to walk up to the door and get rid of you! Beauty Tips For Brides Or someone who can stand under her bedroom window after 12 o’clock just to kiss her goodnight (gasp!) Well, that’s easy girl. The real challenge is your ‘D-day’, when the whole world is invited to watch your ‘life on the run’ in all its glory. Weddings can be crazy, wild, beautiful, simple, beautiful, traditional between wedding planning and planning. But one thing is the same in all cases; a nervous wife after a long day of hard work and pressure to look beautiful no matter how much her new heels are killing you. Well, girls, I have compiled a small list of wedding beauty tips, including beauty treatments for Indian brides, to help you make the most of your wedding and fly away on the ‘biggest day of your life’.

List of Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides-To-Be

Consult a Dermatologist in person

It is worth visiting a good dermatologist at least 6 months before the wedding. It’s time to get “up close and personal” with a certified dermatologist. Make an appointment and ask your doctor to take a good look at your skin and all of your conditions. This is highly recommended for people with stubborn scars, freckles, acne left over from teenage years.

With clinical beauty treatments out of the question these days, start with ‘peeling’ or ‘laser treatment’ for flawless skin. Always remember girls, beauty is fair skin; and others followed.

Go the Gym

Join a gym near your home 3 months before the wedding and make sure you exercise at least an hour a day. This helps in many ways. A workout regimen that helps build the stamina every Indian bride needs to survive the next wedding (and eventually meet her husband!). The gym not only helps you tone up but also helps you sweat. it is also good for your skin Beauty Tips For Brides.

For those who are thin, don’t ignore this because you don’t want to go out on your wedding day with the camera catching you. Build your overall health, vitality and well-being because good health is the best beauty treatment you can rely on.

Personal Skin Care Routine

Since they will be talking about your beauty long after the wedding, it is better to give them something to remember. Add (literally) to a skin care routine and stick to it. Know your skin and treat it as it should. Preparing the bride before the wedding is very important. While washing with water should be your mantra, check for dryness in places you’d rather ignore, like cracked elbows and heels. Add bath salts to your bath to help your skin absorb moisture and make it soft.

Use the right SPF for your skin type and keep your lips moisturized at night. Make an appointment to treat dandruff or hair loss, as the crown will have to withstand heavy hairstyles and platforms on D-day. If you are very sunburned, ask for a procedure peels at the spa and you will have perfect skin for your wedding.

Zits Care

Almost every bride dreads the game on her D-day. However, if the pimple appears before the wedding or even in the morning, try benzoyl peroxide. Of course, this will be done carefully and tested in the future to eliminate allergies. However, if you start your wedding beauty preparation 3-4 months before the wedding, you won’t have any bad skin habits.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Yes, they exist. A wedding emergency kit is for those last minute touches, such as lost hair, hairdos or nail polish. Your kit should include something that can be clicked in seconds and save you from a potential disaster. It should be paired well with safety pins, safety pins, deodorant, plan B makeup, hairdos or anything else that can save your day. You can buy one yourself, as most stores have one on hand.

Care of Makeup Tools

Be careful with your makeup and makeup. This is important because it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that infects the skin to the point of non-healing. Put away your brushes and keep your makeup tools and containers clean. I know brides who have terrible acne the day after their wedding just because of stained lips.

Wedding Dress Trials

You are the focal piece of your wedding, so be sure to consider the look as well. Before any event, keep changing clothes to the smallest detail. Be it the hairstyle, the pallu curtain, the jewelry or the shoes you will wear. Plan a fashion event with your best friend to get ideas and suggestions on how to look good. And yes, try wearing these heels often, because the wrong heels are the worst thing that can happen to you.

If you are new to heels, good girl, it’s time to step up and make you walk or you will step and fall right in the middle of action!

Planning 3 Months Before Wedding

A complete plan should start at least three months before the wedding. This should include a general ‘self’ plan. Now you have family and friends who take care of the place, menu, gifts, flowers or allergies, give gifts, or make sure that your future in-laws are “wild family.” All you have to worry about is beauty. Time period. Figure out your own strategy and be “self-conscious” for a while.

Eat a Balanced Diet – Watch what you eat

Have you heard this a million times but don’t understand it? Well, it’s easy, it will fit perfectly in the dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were a girl, and you can’t let my bad eyes spoil the look. Well, this doesn’t mean a crash diet, but rather a diet that will help you build strength and tone your body. For fat girls, this does not mean that you will lose weight in three months, just watch your calories and sugar intake.
Remember to love your weight, whatever it is, and get your nutritionist to plan your diet 4-5 months before the wedding.

Skin Facials & Treatments 3 Months Before the Wedding

Start dating at least 3 months before the wedding. Skin care has come a long way from the days when a “cosmetologist” (often referred to as AUNT PINK) rubbed a little “cream” into your skin and washed it off with “something”. It is an advanced system that includes well-researched methods that work best for your skin. Today’s optometrists are professional optometrists who know how to perform masked massages and extractions, Beauty Tips For Brides which include patient extractions. the deeper part of the skin in many cases.

In addition to at-home wedding beauty tips, monthly facials and bridal facials will keep your skin soft and glowing until your wedding day.

Make-up Trials with MUAs

I know a rather beautiful bride (poor thing) who ended up looking for music at her wedding thanks to an inexperienced makeup artist. Her foundation is wrong, making her look darker than usual, her lipstick is runny, and her best eye makeup is still off. The result is a sad bride with makeup magic. To avoid this, do a test in advance. There are salons that offer a trial makeup before final make-up before the wedding.

Take a look and discuss in detail what kind of look you want to go for instead of getting an unpleasant surprise on your wedding day when you can’t do anything. Take it a step further by taking a photo of yourself after applying makeup to see how you’ll look in your wedding photos. A wedding album is a keepsake that you will look back on for decades, and you don’t want to regret its appearance on the most special day of your life!

Good Manicure

This step should begin immediately before the engagement. With The Rock at their fingertips, people will be begging to see him. Therefore, to show off your engagement ring in style, it is important to take care of the fingers that will wear it. Make an appointment with a beautician and get your nails done. Try one of the Beauty Tips For Brides UV technology Manicures that guarantee a hard and soft nail that is easy to handle.

Waxing and Tweezing

This step becomes more important as the wedding day approaches. Shape your brows well ahead of time and try different techniques to create the perfect frame to suit your face shape. We advise not to pluck your eyelashes the day before the wedding to avoid a reaction. There is a horror story about a bride who ruined her honeymoon because of a bad bikini wax! Make sure you do a hair removal routine a few months before your wedding to understand how your body reacts.

Check the Appointments again

This happened to a good friend of mine. His stylist and makeup artist went poof! Before the wedding day arrives. We recommend making an appointment at a trusted home because you don’t want to cancel at the last minute. Check and confirm your appointment to avoid confusion on your wedding day.

Practice Self Make-up

Yes, even if a makeup artist does it for you, it’s okay to be involved in the makeup. This helps if the makeup artist is late for some reason. Your personal makeup skills come in handy at a wedding when you still need to look your best.

Bottom Line

Writing this Beauty Tips For Brides wedding favor brought back my own memories! While the ‘new Indian woman’ should be beautiful, she should also be smart. Speak your mind if you don’t like some of the clothes your in-laws bought, as this is common across the country. Better yet, get your elderly aunt or mother to ask your brother-in-law to pick a better suit for him. But now we live in a better time, when the wife is the queen and her whims are to use.

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