18 Wonderful Benefits Of Honey For Health, Skin & Hair

One of nature’s most beautiful creations is honey! There are many Benefits Of Honey, It is the “sweet” result of the work of hundreds of honeybees, who carefully collect it from many flowers. Raw honey powder is a delicious natural sweetener that is used both in cooking and in medicine. His work in ancient Ayurveda is important. Honey is used in many herbal remedies to enhance the benefits of other ingredients in its nutritional profile. In this article, we will learn in detail about the health benefits of honey, as well as its nutrition and effects!

What Is Honey?

Honey is a solid liquid containing gold produced from honey. Bees collect nectar from various flowers and store it in structured wax forms called Honeycombs. The purpose of this difficult task is to consume nectar stored in times of crisis. However, it usually occurs in the hands of humans or animals such as bears.

Different Types Of Honey:

It is surprising to know that natural honey is not just one type but comes in different varieties. Here are some of the most popular honeys available to us:

  • Manuka Honey: This is the best honey for medicinal use to treat many health problems.
  • Buckwheat Honey: Dark honey with a strong taste.
  • Dandelion Honey: the yellow honey from dandelion flowers.
  • Clover Honey: A popular white honey that is white or yellowish in color.
  • Sourwood Honey: It has a sweet aroma and caramel taste.
  • Rosemary Honey:  Light yellow honey with fragrant and strong sweet flavor.

Is Honey Good For Us?

Honey is considered one of the best foods in the world. It is the best natural sweetener we know. In addition to its delicious taste, honey is also full of nutrients that can improve the health of the body. The antioxidant properties of honey prevent oxidative damage to your cells and the development of cancer. Its role in making you glow and shine goes without saying.

How much honey should you eat per day?

Honey is the best way to start the day. Drinking it with warm water and lemon can cleanse and refresh the body. The recommended amount of honey per day is 1-2 tablespoons. Drinking too much alcohol can cause heatstroke and other health problems.

Nutrition Facts of Honey

Below is the useful value of honey per 100 grams:

  • Total Calories: 304
  • Sugars: 82 gm
  • Potassium: 52 mg
  • Dietary Fiber: 0.2 gm
  • Protein: 0.83 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates: 82 gm
  • Iron: 2 %

Top Benefits Of Honey For Health

Here we have listed the best ways to use honey for health, hair and skin. Let’s take a look at them.

Fights Acne:

Raw honey has many beneficial effects on the skin. Honey is full of toxic substances that can reduce rashes on the face and body. By penetrating the skin, honey can reduce the swelling in your pores, which is one of the most important things honey does for the skin. It can also reduce excess oil and sebum in the skin.

Treats Dandruff:

Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help treat dandruff. Applying honey directly on the scalp reduces dryness and itching. Honey also treats minor scrapes and cuts on the scalp due to excessive brushing. It also cleans the smell of grease, oil and dirt. You can increase the effectiveness by mixing it with lemon or yogurt.

Treats Wounds and Burns:

If you have a small cut or burn on your skin, applying honey to the affected area can provide good relief. Honey is full of anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce body toxins and restore well-being. Antibacterial agents can prevent infection in these areas.

Probiotic Properties:

Honey works as a natural prebiotic that can improve the growth of bacteria in the gut. Bacteria help maintain a healthy digestive system, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. It also helps to strengthen the immune system by increasing the number of “good” bacteria and eliminating “bad” bacteria from the body.

Improves Nail Health:

Honey is a skin softener, making it soft. If you suffer from dry, cracked or brittle nails, applying a little honey to them can do wonders. Honey cleans and strengthens nails. You can also soak your nails in honey water for a while to get visible results in few efforts.

Cures Toothache:

Honey is one of the best home remedies for toothache. If the gums are burning due to infection, Honey can help immediately. Just apply one drop of honey on the affected area and leave it for some time. Honey can control the growth of bacteria and reduce inflammation in the surrounding area. This is one of the best benefits of honey for the body.

Delays Signs Of Aging:

Honey has many beneficial effects on the skin. Honey is considered one of the best anti-aging foods. Antioxidants in honey can reduce cell damage and stimulate new cell growth. Honey is also a natural skin conditioner that reduces blemishes and dark spots and makes the skin younger and firmer.

Treats Dry Skin and Lips:

Honey is a good natural moisturizer for skin and lips. For those with dry, chapped skin or lips, honey is an elixir. It works by locking in the moisture of the skin to make it smooth and shiny. This is one of the positive effects of honey on the face, which is why honey is used in many creams and lotions.

Natural Sweetener and Energy Booster:

Honey is the best substitute for artificial sweeteners and sugar. Since honey is a natural sweetener, it does not raise blood sugar levels, so it is also good for diabetics. Honey increases energy to help the body recover from tiredness and fatigue. You can use honey in desserts, tea, coffee and drinks that make you feel good.

Treats Dry Cough and Cold:

If you have a cough due to dehydration, honey can provide immediate relief. Honey’s water-purifying properties can reduce the irritation caused by a sore throat as well as kill bacteria growth. It can also reduce severe coughing during sleep, making it a protective, natural remedy for children. This is one of the best ways to drink honey and hot water.

Nourishes Hair:

Honey is the main ingredient in many hair masks. It is known to increase the benefits of other ingredients such as yogurt, lemon or olive oil to ensure silky smooth hair. Honey works by repairing damaged fibers and making them strong and shiny. It also cures dry and cracked ends.

Treats Anaemia:

Being a food rich in iron, honey is beneficial for patients with chronic anemia. Anemia is a condition where the hemoglobin level falls below the required level due to iron deficiency. By drinking honey every morning, along with a healthy diet rich in iron, we can overcome this condition.

Controls Cholesterol Levels:

Research shows that the combination of honey and cinnamon can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This helps to prevent the arteries from getting clogged due to high cholesterol. Consume one tablespoon of this mixture daily to protect yourself from heart diseases like high blood pressure, sudden stroke etc. This is one of the most important health benefits of honey.

Prevents Cancers:

Honey is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that can prevent cancer. These chemicals work by fighting free radicals in the body, which lead to oxidative damage at the cellular level. By reducing tissue inflammation, honey can also reduce the risk of tumor cells. This is one of the best benefits of consuming honey regularly.

Honey for Asthma:

In addition to treating coughs and colds, honey is also good for treating respiratory conditions such as asthma. Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation in the airways to allow for better ventilation. Honey also protects lung health, which can be beneficial for asthmatics. Drink one tablespoon of honey in warm water every day for a noticeable difference.

Treats Tonsillitis:

Tonsillitis is a painful disease that usually affects children, which can be treated using medicinal honey. Honey is the best natural remedy to reduce the discomfort associated with this symptom. Just mix honey in a glass of warm water or milk to reduce the severity and feel better again. Milk and honey can also promote good sleep, which is important for quick recovery.

Aids In Weight Loss:

The benefits of hot honey do not need to be mentioned separately. Lemon honey water has a positive effect on reducing fat cells. Starting the day with a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon can cleanse the internal system and remove unwanted toxins, including fat. Honey also boosts your metabolism to promote faster digestion, which can also help you shed a few pounds.

Cures Oral Ulcers:

If you suffer from stomach ulcers or mouth ulcers, add honey and powder. Honey can reduce skin inflammation and reduce fever. Along with turmeric, it can reduce the microbial load in the mouth, which mainly leads to ulcers.

Side Effects Of Honey:

Honey also has a “bitter” side! Consuming too much honey can cause many problems such as:

  • Digestive Problems.
  • Toxic reactions.
  • Burning Sensation In Stomach.
  • High Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Low Blood Pressure.
  • Tooth Problems.
  • Weight Gain.
  • Internal Bleeding.
  • Allergic Reactions like rashes, and hives.
  • Nervous Damage.

Bottom Line

These are some of the health benefits of honey! Always choose high quality, organic honey with its natural goodness. Most of the products on the market are a mixture of honey and sugar syrup which can be dangerous to the body. It is also mixed with chemicals to sustain life. Hard to get but worth the money and effort! So, when will you join this “exciting” revolution?

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