Top 10 Latest Hair Trends for 2023, Predicted By Experts

A new year requires change. For you, this could mean organizing your Hair Trends for 2023 wardrobe, planning a big trip, removing toxic people from your life. Perhaps most excitingly, changing things up with a new hair color. If you have already tried cold hair and hair. And want to do something more serious, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for drastic changes or subtle tweaks. Here are the hairstyles and hair colors that experts predict will be trending in the new year.

Slick Back

We’ve seen the rise of utilitarian style through retro-futuristic clothing (i.e. metal, PVC, nylon harnesses). According to Smith, it extends to red carpet hairstyles. “The performance of the facial hair is retained and a generous amount of styling products gives its owner a strong. Sculpted look and is a great fashion option to softly or hard ’emphasize’ the outfit,” he says. “With functional elements applied to retrofuturism, I predict this look will be great in 2023.”

To get that look, ask your stylist to add styling products to your hair to add softness and hold while still retaining a little grit and moisture. To prevent your locks from drying out, start with a nourishing leave-in cream and finish with a relaxing serum. Avoid classic gels that eventually become hard and stiff.

Midnight Onyx

If you haven’t noticed, winter hair color is dark. It was very dark. According to Lorena M. Valdes, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, the rich black Wednesday vibe is combined with other bright treatments to make it look like a show.

Bottleneck Bangs

This hair comes from the neck of the bottle; Start thin and short in the middle. Longer around the eyes, then longer on the cheekbone line. “This allows you to adjust the length and angle depending on whether you want your chin to be taller or stronger,” says Smith. “Many do not fit the classic ‘fringe’ (a straight line to the front). But many can have a skinny neck to soften the face.”

To achieve the skin on the neck, Hair Trends for 2023 Smith says “ask your hairstylist for long hair. That sweeps your cheeks in a flattering way and wraps around you to create a layer that sits on the cheekbones and cheekbones.” Then, ask him to cut a part of the middle to be short. So that the belt is soft and narrow, which is short in the middle and long on both sides.

Flippy Bob

Create a classic look with sweeping sides and edges. To get this style, Raven Hurtado, an expert at Maxine Salon in Chicago, advises to go above the shoulder. “The stylist should cut the middle shape in such a way. That if you divide it on two sides, the two sides will be equal,” he said. “You can let it dry and the ends come together on their own. Or you can put a brush on the bottom of it.”

PRF Injections

If you are not familiar with the treatment platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It is a treatment that doctors use in many areas of the body, especially the head, to treat was quick. Platelet-rich fibrin, also known as a relative of platelet-rich plasma. Is used to treat signs of aging on the head and face. With the need for treatments higher than ever, experts predict that these treatments will enter the mainstream in 2023. When it comes to hair lid loss, the idea is that platelets are injected deep into the shoe. To reach the root of the hair. help. strengthen the hair. hair growth

‘Bullet’ Bob

We’ve seen mullet, wolf and shag – what’s next? According to Tom Smith, hairstylist and global creative director for evo hair. This is a “bullet”, ie. the most common for short hair in 2023. “This cut is the evolution of the bob / cut / shag style of the past 18 months. And instead of returning to the classic bob shape, a mid-length cut was given a mullet- Change. “Layered bob bangs,” she says. Ask your stylist to cut a tousled bob that falls above your shoulders and add a short. Full piece that sits at your cheekbones to frame your face.

Shades of Pink

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about hair color post-Covid, Hair Trends for 2023 it’s that people aren’t afraid to be bold. “Since Valentino sent out an all-pink collection for next season, I’ve been waiting for a sign that ‘Barbie-core’ pink is making its way into the hair world,” says Smith. “Right now, we’re seeing the beginnings of interest in softer shades of pink, but I’m sure we’ll see a version of this stronger, fuller shade.”

Pro Tip: If you’re already blonde, consider brushing off a pastel pink for a while to put your toes in Barbie’s head. Pink tones should be applied on a lighter base, so ask your stylist to apply highlights first if you want to try pink on dark hair.

Oyster Gray

It’s been a few years since the hair loss trend hit its peak, and experts say it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to highlight gray hair, Smith says tinted silver has a different, more modern quality than gray. “Silver or gray tones can be added to hair by lifting. Existing gray strands and wrapping silver tones around them,” she says. “Alternatively, you can have your colorist lighten your hair with bleach and add silver for the strongest effect.”

Brushed-Out Blowout

One of the signature hairstyles of the supermodel era, the bomb makes it look high. But it requires the right tools and care when. “Whether you use Velcro or heat, always work on the hair,” says Dani Hauflaire, an artist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “I like to work with 1.25-1.5 rolls of Velcro, depending on the length. After cutting the part of the hair, hold the roller, turn from the bottom to the pin. With this arrangement, you want to hold the the hand and roller sit on top of the hair while you blow. Let it cool completely, turn and brush with your fingers.

Winter Flannel

According to colorist Rex Jimieson, this tone-on-tone practice—called winter flannel—creates color and retains dimension. “These rare things make the face look good and look like a big round brush for movement,” Hair Trends for 2023 he says. “The advantage is that it attracts color and keeps the look high.” To get this look, let your rider jump and leave enough background color for the color to pop.

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