10 Top 2023 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know

It’s time for the government to get excited about the Hair Color Trends hair fall. Of course, we love the summer head-kissed white and icy blondes, but summer does not mean the best hair color. We called it a bond over the fall of hair color as the hues become richer, warmer, deeper… dare we say tricks? With hair color tones like hot espresso and cinnamon-scented balayage on the menu, we’re gearing up for a season of change and anticipating the best hair fall. Throw on your favorite sweater and roll up and join us as we delve into this year’s top 10 fall hair colors…all of them super fun.

10 Top 2023 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know

Warm Espresso

You serve a long cup of coffee in the summer, but a hot espresso in the fall, right? Hot fall hair colors will continue to be big fall trends in 2022 – think of espresso brown hair color as a gorgeous, deep brown shade. It’s a twist on cool brown hair color, if you want. Raise a glass to Shay Mitchell’s beautiful dark shade… we see how her deep side brings drama.

Cinnamon Spice Balayage 

Cinnamon balayage is still one of the top hair colors for Fall 2022. A well-balanced, warm, bold combination that helps make the skin glow… and everyone saw red hair. Even better? This practice is as small as possible, looking young and deliberately poured into it. In addition, it tastes good on all hair colors, from auburn to caramel, honey, brown or espresso. When is a little red cinnamon bad?

Money Piece

Mint still thrives in the fall—it’s one of the rare fall perennials. These face-opening trends are today’s hair color trends. Her actress knows exactly what she’s talking about when she asks for the money – a strong chin at the back, two bold strands at the front – and she’s getting hairy points. all is good.

Chunky Highlights

Highlights are always there, but as of 2022, this timeless Hair Color Trends 90s hairstyle is getting an update. Cut-out tongues look modern and fall with turtlenecks, Doc Martens, plain beanies, fingerless gloves, and oversized sweaters. We found these highlights to be strong on all hair shades – red hair, dark hair, brown hair, blonde hair – be sure to ask your colorist to make the point high and soft for the difference ’90s.

Rooty Blonde

To everyone’s surprise, roots are hotter than ever, but we’re still singing the praises of any low-cut hairstyle like this one. White hair roots are white hair with dark roots, which means you spend less time conditioning the roots. It’s a feeling we all stand behind. Dark roots are the perfect way to quickly transition from summer to fall, adding depth to a beautiful face and white lids. Hailey Bieber shows us how.

Mulled Wine

True to fall, the burgundy hair color trend thankfully continues in 2022 – and mulled wine is still one of our favorite red hair colors for fall. We love Zendaya’s deep burgundy with a hint of fruit and warm undertones. Here, you can choose the perfect hair color or use a permanent light for a plum light. Either way, enjoy this fall – burgundy hair.

Caramel Highlights

Highlights, balayage, and ombré hair color trends are hot hair trends for fall 2022… and we’re big fans of the gorgeous copper and brown hues emerging. This for the most part, the bright caramel shade cannot be easily pulled off, it looks good on everyone, plus we saw how it looks when it grows up. It is better in October than in June. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this beauty – check out our at-home balayage tutorial for inspiration, or ask your colorist for a warm caramel shade.

Dark-to-Light Brunette Ombré

The ombré hair color style brings it back to the autumn season… and is probably the main thing of the summer season for everyone. This fall’s ombre hair color is for brunettes. Start with a dark chocolate hair color at the roots – we like Milano Brown 5NAC – and work your way down to the mid-lengths. Then mix it with light brown for a beautiful change. Keep your ombre hair looking good by using the Hair Color Trends Bond Home Cleansing Treatment on the ends of the head. Yes, autumn ombre.


Place it under the brown tone of the hair: it’s brack, baby. Well, sure you’ve heard of bronde, but brack is the new bronde…almost black with a hint of brown heat. We love Charlize Theron’s beautiful bob with red lips. Please try this look at home in our darkest brown shade, Positano Black 3NNA.

Cream Soda Blonde

One of the best fall trends in hair color? Cool and creamy. This shade of blue is the perfect ‘winter is coming’ fall blue hair look. Looking better than the pale blonde tones you may remember, creme soda blonde has great depth and dimension. Enjoy the light, icy Roma Blonde 10NVA or the cool Prato Ash 11AA – just two spectacular examples of this excellent fall color.

Final Words Hair Color Trends

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